Workshop & Conference Presentations in the last two years

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Filmed Lectures

2009 OAME Plenary Toronto Feb 09:  Thinking Algebraically as Developing Students' Powers

2011 AAMT-MERGA July 2010 with Anne Watson: The Times They Are A-Changin'

2011 AAMT-MERGA July 2010 Phenomenal Mathematics

Workshop, Seminar and Lecture PPTs


PGCE (Oxford, DEc): Cobwebs; Rational Polys

Vancouver problems (SFU Nov): PPT (Current Favourite Things)

Edmonton Seminars (Nov):
Attention & Noticing PPT; Number Necklaces; Secret Places;

Killam Lecture (University of Calgary Nov): PPT; Applets

EDUC535 Applets Rational Polys; Compound Functions; see also Structured Variation Grids (see above)

MCATA Conference (Calgary Oct): Exchange & Trading: PPT + Applets

Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.
    EDC354 Fractions: PPT; Fraction Applet; Elastic Multn Applet
    STEM lecture Oct 8: PPT

MMU STEM Conference with Anne Watson (July): PPT; Resources (including applet)

Prince's Teaching Institute (Haringay; July) Algebra & Algebraic facility: PPT; applets; Worksheets

MMRE with Anne Watson (Moscow, Idaho); June: 5 sessions on algebraic thinking

ProMath (Helsinki May): On Being Stuck PPT; Draft Paper

Princes Teaching Institute with Anne Watson (Birmingam, London, Manchester; Mar) Coordinates & Functions PPT, applets: AlgeDog, Predict The Graph, Cobwebs
, Cubic Chords

SEMAT (Denmark, March): Reasoning Reasonably; Expressing Generality; Applets; see also SVG grids; Background Theories and Frameworks

Book Launch: The Mathematics Teacher in the Digital Era (Springer) (Knowledge Lab, London Feb 18. Two Applets introducing Lagrange Polynomials

Generalisation (Oxford PGCE Feb 2014): PPT, applets, including some not used in the session but highly pertinent: Altitudinal Squares; Current Grids (see also SVGrids); Patterns from 2; Rolling Polygons; Sundaram Full; Tunja Paper; Varied Multiplictions

Discovering Different Ways to Attend: a case study in the use of the Discipline of Noticing in order to enrich professional Development (Matematikbiennalen UmeŚ Jan); PPT

Reasoning Reasonably (Matematikbiennalen UmeŚ Jan): PPT; Revealing Shapes; Perimeter Projections; MagicSquareReasoning

Panel on Researcher responsibilities (MADIF9 UmeŚ Jan) PPT;

(MADIF9 UmeŚ Jan) PPT; Paper


Problem Solving in Primary School (Santiago Chile workshop for teachers Dec 18 2013) General PPT + Tasks (for both sessions) Applets

When is a problem? 'When' is THE Problem (Santiago Chile Dec 2013) PPT Conference Task Applets

Alignment in Maths Education (Oxford MLT Nov 2013) PPT

Problem Solving (Southampton Nov 2013) PPT; Collection of applets

The role of Examples in Teaching Mathematics (Leicester Dept of Mathematics Oct 2013): PPT; applets

HEA MSOR session on Examples: pdf of PPT; notes on use of examples

NCETM (London July 2013): Problem Solving PPT (NB: additional problems and theory about task design) ; Applets (NB: these applets should work from any browser)

FMSP (London July 2013): Studying Mathematics PPT

NCETM SE (Farnham July 2013): Problem Solving  PPT; (NB: PPT slides contain many additional problems and theory about task design).  (applets not available as yet ... stay tuned!).

AFRICME (Lesotho June 2013): PPT

Cenez High School Workshop (Lesotho June 2013): PPT; Handout

AMESA workshop (Grahamstown June 2013): PPT & Applets

Grahamstown Workshops (June 2013): Primary: PPT & Applets; Secondary: PPT & Applets;

pre-CMESG on Maths Education Research & Maths Teaching: illusions, Reality & Opportunities (Brock University May 2013): PPT; Paper; Perimeter projections Applet

OAME Exploiting Exercises (Brock University May 2013): PPT; Handout

Swedish Matematiklyftet project (Stockholm May 16): PPT

MAST Celebration (Northampton April 2013): PPT, Applets, Resources

PGCE on Attention (Oxford April 2013): PPT, Applets, Worksheets

EARCOME 6 (Phuket March 2013): Plenary PPT; Plenary Applets;
Plenary Paper; Plenary Paper Applets; Reasoning Workshop PPT; Reasoning Applets

Prince's Teaching Institute with Anne Watson  (London March 2013): PPT; Applets; Manchester (March 2013 (improved applets): PPT, Applets

IMPZA02 South Africa (Jan 2013): Tasks; Applets; Note: there are two versions of the Carpet Theorems: applications first and theorem later; theorems first and applictions later.

AIMSSEC South Africa (Jan 2013): ACE Yr 1 From Procedures to Concepts PPT;
AIMSSEC South Africa (Jan 2013): MT19 Reasoning Mathematically; Handouts; Secret Places
AIMSSEC South Africa (Jan2 2013): ACE Yr2 Responsive, Responsible & Reflective Teaching PPT


Is the relation of Mathematics to Mathematics Education in alignment with the relation of Mathematicians to Mathematics Educators? (LMERSS Seminar Kings Collefe London Dec 2012): PPT

Exchange: a core awareness for mathematics? (Oxford Dec 1012). PPT; Exchange Applet

Powers: Norfolk Maths Conference (Nov 2012): Making Use of Children's Powers PPT; Generality in School Mathematics PPT; for applets, contact me at j.h.mason @

From Procedures to Problem Solving (Gšteborg Nov 2102): PPT, Applets, Circle Winding Applet
Exchange: Core Mathematical Awareness for School Mathematics? (BSRLM Nov 2012): PPT; Exchange Applet; Centre of Gravity Applet

Imagine That! ATM Regional Meeting  Bath (Nov 2012): PPT; Applets (unzip the folder; open particular html file FROM a browser with java enabled)

Korean Workshop on Task Design (Nov 2012) Theory + Tasks; Applets (these are zipped within a zipped folder so must be unzipped twice!)

Attending to Attention (Korean Mathematics Education Society Nov 2012): PPTs ; Chord Expansion Applet

Oxford Undergraduate Course (Oct 2012) N1A ¤3 PPT; ZigZags; Linear Algebra

Where is the Mathematics?  Reading & Wokingham Primary Maths (Oct 2012): PPT

MathsFest Cork (Oct 2012) PPT; Applets

Oxford Undergraduate Course (Oct 2012) N1A ¤2 PPT; Applets

Roskilde (Oct 2012): Enquiry-Based Mathematics PPT; Applets

HighGate School (Sept 2012): Secondary Maths PPT; Highgate Tasks; Primary Maths PPT

Clifton upon Dunsmore Primary School:
Mathematical Thinking in the Primary School: celebrating human powers;  (Sept 2012). PPT + Hand Outs

Tasks & Attention in Mathematics Education; Calgary (July 2012): More or Less; Iterates; Diamond Multiplication; Elastic Multn; SVGs; Triangle Reflections; Revised versions of Sundaram's Grid and a Primary version available: go to SVGrids then New Versions.

Developing Mathematical Reasoning; Summer Camp Vancouver (July 2012)

Schools Network (SSAT) Warwick (June 2012): Reasoning Reasonably in Mathematics (PPT; Applets)

MEI Conference Keele (June 2012): Transformations of the Numberline (PPT)

ATM-MA local meeting Reading (June 2012): New version of Exchange applet; More-or-Less applet

AME-SMS plenary lecture Singapore (May 2012): Working with the Whole Psyche: what can a teacher do for students  Reflective Learners Mathematically in Secondary School: PPT; Singapore Applets

Singapore Task Design Institute (Secondary): PPT; Singapore Institute Applets

MaST Celebration Northampton (April 2012): Where, When and How does Algebra Begin: celebrating Human Powers: PPT; Exchange Applet

Oxford PGCE Session (April 2012): On the Structure of Attention and its Role in Engagement and Evaluation: PPT; Applets.

Nottingham Seminar Series on Task Design (Feb 2012): Task Construction: Lessons Learned from 40 years of Distance Teaching at the Open University; PPT;

Nottingham Seminar Series on Task Design (AW & JHM Feb 2012):
Micro-Features of Mathematics Tasks; Elastic Multiplication Applet

Netherlands PaNaMA Conference, Noordwijkerhout (Jan 2012): PPT, Arithmetic Grid Applet, Secret Places Applet


NZ Hui (Anne Watson): Posters; Escalator Applet; Elastic Multiplication Applet: NB: applets run by dropping html file on Browser. For ideas on using applets, see notes or contact me.

NZ Mathematics Colloquium (Dec 2011): Connections: Street Lamps, Couriers and Parallel Sums, PPT.

NZ AMA (Dec 2011): plenary: What can a Teacher Actually Do? PPT & Applets; Reasoning Workshop PPT & Applets.

Delta Conference Plenary (Dec 2011): paper; PPT, appletsGargling & Babbling with Giovanna Scataglini-Belghitar PPT;

NCETM London regional Meeting (Nov 2011): Essential Maths PPT

Oxford Undergraduates Mathematics as a Human Endeavour (Oxford Oct 2011) PPT + Applets

Gloucester MA Branch Meeting: Being Graphical with Graphs, and Functioning Fully with Functions (Cheltenham Oct 2011) PPT + Applets

MSOR (Sept 2011) for new lecturers: Making Effective Use of Examples (PPT & 2 Applets)

Bromley Conference (July 2011): Reasoning Mathematically (PPT;  Applets) ; Using Mental Imagery (PPT; Applets; Animation)

AAMT-MERGA (Alice Springs July): Joint session with Anne Watson PPT; DuckWeed applet; Cuisenaire applet; Elastic Multiplication Video of Session

AAMT-MERGA (Alice Springs July): Phenomenal Mathematics: PPT, Fairground films and applet; Compound Functions appletRolling Polygons appletRecognising Transformations applet; Secret Places applet; Sundaram's Grid applet; for others see Applets and Animations [NB: ppt links to films and applets won't work but all components are downloadable].

HoMDs at John Lyon School (June 29): Reasoning Mathematically

MaST (MMU & Liverpool Hope): Manchester (June 25). What can a Teacher Do? (Link includes applets but these will not launch from inside the PPT: unzip folder by dragging to desktop, then launch html file in appropriate subfolder).

NCETM Regional Mtg: Effective CPD London IOE (June 24)

Re-visiting Reasoning: on attention: Oxford PGCE (April 28).

ATM Easter Conference: Educating Awareness (the carpets theorem)

MA Easter Conference: Educating Awareness

Presentations & Seminars at MME, NIE Singapore (March 6-18): Phenomenal Maths (MME806); Using Natural Powers (MME817); The Role of Examples (MME880); Energies of Teaching & Learning; Tensions in Teaching & Learning;

Role of Critical Thinking & Scientific Enquiry in Teaching (March 17 Seminar at UTM, Johor Baru Malaysia): ppt & applets; audio

Promoting and Assessing Mathematical Thinking: (joint ATM-MA Birmingham session Jan); ppt & applets (Note that applets have to be accessed individually, not through ppt) see also applets & animations

Enriching Tasks: (workshop with Overton Primary School Jan): PPT; Copper Plate Multiplication; Revealing Shapes Applet (see Applets & Animations); Primary Grid: See Structured variation grids: new style


AAMT-MERGA 2011 Workshop Session 4 - The Times They are A-Changin' from Tony Richards on Vimeo.

AAMT-MERGA 2011 Session 10 - PHENOMENAL MATHEMATICS from Tony Richards on Vimeo.