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Polynomial Explorations for BCME 2014
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Annual Institute for Mathematical Pedagogy

An annual 3-day working meeting for teachers, advisors and academics in July.
Registrations for IMP14 in 2015 will  open in November.  There are only 21 places.

1. Structured Variation Grids

Flash applets which make use of learners’ natural powers to encounter and appreciate mathematical structure through generalising for themselves.

2. Studies in Algebraic Thinking

A series of explorations in algebra with commentaries which draw upon mathematical powers, themes and pedagogical choices to illustrate the fact that any task can be seen as merely one example for a rich domain of similar tasks, and putting forward the view that a task which does not permit and encourage learners to use their own powers, to encounter core mathematical themes, is not a pedagogically effective task.

3. Mathematical Explorations

A collection of mathematical problems together with notes on explorations they have triggered.

4. Generalisation in Mathematical Texts

A study of how, historically, authors  have indicated their awareness of generality, whether explicitly, through the variety of worked examples, or through structure in the exercises.  Of particular interest is the use of  word-problems or story-problems in books on the border between arithmetic and algebra over the centuries.

5. MEMEs (Meaning Enquiry in Mathematics Education)

A multi-faceted project to collect and organise constructs, frameworks and strategies which are useful when teaching.

6. PME30 2006 Research Forum on Exemplification

7. NCETM CPD FW early draft of proposals

Copies of early plans and justifications for the CPD 'frameworks' aspect of the NCETM portal and the MathemaPedia.

8. Presentation & Workshop Resources

Slides from presentations, plenaries and workshops in reverese date order, with miscellaneous resources associated with the events

9. Applets & Animations 

Applets and movies designed to stimulate mathematical thinking

10. Publications with selected papers downloadable

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