Centre for Mathematics Education
Open University

Meaning Enquiry in Mathematics Education

This is a complex ongoing project to collect together in one place and interlink
a variety of constructs, frameworks, distinctions, and teaching strategies and tactics
which people have found useful and effective in planning, interacting, and reflecting on their teaching

Current Offerings

include an A-Z of words for affect; a glossary of difficult terms;
and can be found at the MEMEs site

Published Products

A collection of brief extracts from original sources describing constructs that have proved effective for informing and analysing mathematics teaching

    Mason, J. & Johnston-Wilder, S. (2004). Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education, RoutledgeFalmer, London.

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A survey of frameworks used in CME materials since the 1980s (soon to be published by Tarquin-QED)

    Mason, J. & Johnston-Wilder, S. (2004). Designing and Using Mathematical Tasks, Open University, Milton Keynes.

A collection of teaching tactics aimed at upper secondary and tertiary levels, with some theoretical underpinnings

    Mason, J. (2002). Mathematics Teaching Practice: a guide for university and college lecturers, Horwood Publishing, Chichester.

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