Institute for Mathematical Pedagogy

Anne Watson and I have directed an annual 3 day working meeting since 2001.
A maximum of 25 people (teachers, advisors, academics, and us) meet and work on mathematical tasks
mostly chosen by Anne and by me, and since 2005, by Malcolm Swan.
There are no 'conference papers' though sometimes people are moved to write about their experiences (see MT)
and often there is an opportunity to offer a task connected with the theme.

2015: Representing and Discerning Structural Relationships

We shall explore ways in which learner attention
can be directed to structural relationships
by means of sequencing, layout and other means.

July 28-31 2015 at Cuddesden, near Oxford

Details on how to apply

Registration is now OPEN (Nov 3rd 2014)

2014 Symmetry, Complementarity & Conjugacy

2013: Exchange & Substitution;

2012:  Fundamental Ideas, Core Awarenesses and Threshold Concepts in Mathematics; Fairground; Pantograph; Yanghui (Pascal) Triangle, Task Documents

2011: Tinkering with Tasks: Exponential Thinking (Duck Weed); Magic Square Reasoning; Path Arithmetic

2010: Mathematical Friends & Relations: Recognising Structural Relationships Resources A; Resources B; Photos A; Photos B; Photos C; Photos D; Postits

2009: Explanation & Proof as Mathematical Narrative
2008: Mathematical Notation
2007: Metaphors, Models & (re)Presentations
2006: Surprise & Expectation:
2005: Mathematical Structure
2004: Freedom & Constraint
2003: Imagining & Expressing Mathematical Ideas
2002: Disturbance, Variation & Construction

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