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Special Issue of Discrete Mathematics Devoted to Papers Presented at the 20th British Combination Conference

Papers for publication in this special issue should be submitted in triplicate to the local organisers not later than 5p.m. on Tuesday 12th July.

Please note the following points:

  • Only papers presented at the conference will be considered, one paper per talk. Papers should not have been submitted elsewhere.
  • Each paper should be accompanied by an abstract and a list of keywords.
  • The affiliations of all the authors should be included at the head of the paper.
  • The full postal address of the corresponding author should be enclosed.
  • Each author should be listed with all the initials that they usually use. (Thus D.R. Woodall might appear as Douglas R. Woodall, but not as Douglas Woodall. "For bibliographic purposes, people who throw away initials are a menace!")
  • The list of references should use standard Math. Reviews abbreviations for names of journals. Do not include references that are not cited in the paper.
  • Use `` or `, NOT '' for open quotes. (In TeX, `` is two ` characters.)
  • Conventionally, in Mathematics only single-letter names of variables are printed in italic. Thus the crossing number of G might be cr(G), while cr(G) is c times its rank; and the transpose of A might be A^t, while A^t is its tth power.

Note that Discrete Mathematics does not publish conference proceedings as such, but only collections of journal-quality papers that happen to have been presented at conferences. We are required by the Editor-in-Chief of Discrete Mathematics to have each paper refereed by two referees to the normal standards expected in that journal. We hope that everyone who submits a paper will be willing, if asked, to act as a referee.

We aim to send the accepted papers to the Editorial Office of Discrete Mathematics in June 2006, in the hope that the volume will appear before April 2007. (For the record, the 18th BCC special issue appeared in May 2003, and the 19th BCC special issue in April 2005.) Almost inevitably, the processing of a small number of papers will be held up by delays on the part of the authors, editors or, most probably, referees. When this happens, for whatever reason, these delayed papers will not appear in the special issue, but they will continue to be processed and, if subsequently accepted, will appear in a regular issue of Discrete Mathematics. Authors are presumed to be aware of the possibility of this happening, and to agree to it, when they submit their papers.

Here is the Information for Contributors in postscript format and in pdf format discmath.pdf.