If you are an M363 student in 2009, you can use the Sequence Diagram Exerciser tool to draw your answers to questions in a TMA or to revise sequence diagrams closer to the examination.

If you use the tool to draw your assignment diagrams please will you follow these steps (they will help you submit your drawing to the eTMA system and will help us improve the tool):


Send an email to Diagrams saying that you will be using the tool.


Copy your assignment diagram from the tool into your TMA document that you submit to the eTMA system.

 (Use Copy Diagram in the tool's Edit menu to copy the drawing to the clip board, and then paste into your TMA Word document.)



If you wish to use the tool for either drawing diagrams or revision purposes, you will need a PC running Windows and with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it. The latest version of the JRE can be downloaded from:

Download the SD Exerciser by clicking here.

This will download a zip file containing an installer. Extract the installer from the zip file. Double click on the installer: it will ask you to save the software and documentation to a folder of your own choice. Choose an appropriate folder otherwise, by default, the installer will save the software in a folder named Exerciser Revison Tool in your Program Files folder. Make a note of where your chosen folder is located so that you can find it again.

When you have downloaded the software:


Open the folder where you saved the software and documentation.


Double-click on the file named


The tool can be used in two configuarations: as a revision tool and as a drawing tool for Sequence Diagrams. When first opened it is in its drawing configuration.


Follow the instructions in the document entitled Using the Exerciser to draw Sequence Diagrams which you can find in the same folder as the tool.
Documentation can be found here.

Once you have used the tool please will you fill in a copy of the questionnaire downloaded with the software and send it as an email attachment to Diagrams. Please do not include the questionnaire in your TMA submission.

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