Diagrams in online assessment

The automatic marker has been incorporated into the online quiz system developed at the Open University known as OpenMark. OpenMark has been interfaced to Moodle’s quiz engine. (Moodle is an open source VLE.) OpenMark supports a wider range of question types than the normal Moodle quiz engine. This means that it is possible to create a Moodle quiz that seamlessly includes questions of the types supported by OpenMark.

One of the new (for 2010) OpenMark question types is a diagram question type in which the user can:

  • draw a diagram using a drawing tool launched from the question;
  • submit the diagram for marking;
  • receive feedback including a grade;
  • interrogate the model answer to the question.

The following screen shots illustrate the process.

1. The VLE quiz displays the question:

OM Demo 1A

2. The user launches the drawing tool applet and draws a diagram:

OM Demo 2A

3. The user clicks ‘OK’ to submit the diagram for marking and receives feedback:

OM Demo 3

The user is given the choice of amending their diagram and resubmitting it for marking (Try again), or viewing the specimen answer (Get Answer).

The user can have up to 3 tries unless they view the answer in which case the question is terminated.

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