How to use the SD Exerciser Revision Tool (v1_0)

This document tells you how to use the SD-Exerciser revision tool either as a drawing tool or as a revision tool. It begins with a summary of how to install and run the tool (more details, if required, can be found in the READ ME document downloaded with the tool).

The Exerciser revision tool runs on a PC with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it. Go to the Java website to obtain a copy of JRE.

Installing the Exerciser
The Exerciser revision tool can be obtained by clicking on the link Download Exerciser.

This will download a zip file containing an installer for the Exerciser Revision Tool. Unzip the file to obtain SDExerciser.msi (a Windows installer file). Double-click on SDExerciser.msi to run Windows Installer and follow the on-screen instructions to save the Exerciser and its data files in a folder of your own choice.

Launching the Exerciser
Open the folder in which you installed the Exerciser where you will find the file:


and a folder named Questions containing some data files. There is also a READ ME file.
Double-click on the .jar file to launch the tool.

Download a user’s manual by clicking here.

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