Auto Marker

An Automatic Marker for ERDs

The Automatic Marker for Entity-Relationship diagrams is a Java application that compares diagrams produced in answer to an assignment question (with the aid of a tool such as the Exerciser) with one or more specimen solution diagrams and applies a marking scheme which results in a grade for the answer diagrams.

The download is a zip file containing:

    a prototype of the auto marker (v7_2)
    the question to which corpus E04 are answers
    a file containing specimen solutions to the E04 question




The auto marker is provided as a Java .jar file.

The specimen solutions incorporate a mark scheme.

Information about how the auto marker works can be found in our publications.

The application’s help facility contains information on how to use the marker.

The marker has a number of user-settable parameters whose values can be determined by running the tool against a development set of answer diagrams. The tool is delivered with a default set of parameter values.

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