Story by Jane Hearn

What am I proud of: 
Getting this far. We are so near now, with everything in place now except the funding which is under way! I am proud of learning about the centre how much thought and effort was put into its planning and site in the 1930s and the history of the settlement and community centre movement. And once it's done I am going to make sure the building is listed :-)!!
The impact of the project: 
This project will have a profound impact on the community, which is in flux due to the redevelopment of the prefab estate. While the planning is underway for the centre we can provide a refuge for the remaining residents and a place where new and existing residents can meet. To welcome new residents of the area with up to date facilities while at the same time helping them to integrate and make new friends and neighbours is our goal.
My motivation for taking part: 
Seeing this project through, I have learned so much and am still learning - about all aspects of design. I have a commercial art background and training combined with technology and community development and this is a whole new area for me.