About the site

Community Design Exchange is a social network site and visual gallery created in order to collect and disseminate achievements of community-led design. The site was developed by the Open University in collaboration with The Glass-House Community Led Design as part of the Valuing Community Led Design research project funded by AHRC under the Connected Communities Programme.

More specifically the aim of the site is: a) to collect individual stories from people who have taken part and benefited from community projects, and b) to provide a space for sharing and learning and enable groups and individuals to network and build on each other's experience. The site is also a research tool, helping to collect data which will be used in order to understand and provide evidence of the value of community projects and the impact they are making to their local environment.

We welcome contributions from individuals and communities around the country, no matter how small and at what stage in their journey.

Conditions of use and copyright

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Grateful acknowledgement for the home page images is made to the following sources:

Gardener Holding Wooden Seedling Tray. © Chris Price

Paignton Geoplay Park Launch, Community Spaces Fund, reproduced under

Community Art Project, Tania Liu, reproduced under

Village Area Community Design Team meeting, photo by Robin Cordiner. Reproduced under