DRAFTER: A Drafting Assistant for Technical Writers

Overview DRAFTER is an interactive tool designed to assist technical authors in the production of English and French end-user manuals for software systems. Unlike current generation systems, which aim at the automated production of instructions and thus keep the authors out of the loop, DRAFTER is a support tool intended to be integrated in the technical author's working environment, hopefully automating some of the more tedious aspects of the authors' tasks.

The following pages give more details of the system:

System architecture

An illustrated walkthrough of the system

A list of publications

Staff The DRAFTER project team included:
Roger Evans,
Markus Fischer,
Cécile Paris,
Lyn Pemberton,
Richard Power,
Donia Scott,
Keith Vander Linden.

Partners DRAFTER was supported through the collaboration of two commercial partners: Integral Solutions Ltd. and Praetorius Ltd.

Financial Support DRAFTER was supported by the EPSRC under grant GR/J/19221