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   Consultancy & Research in Software Development

Visiting Research Professor
    Department of Computing, The Open University

Independent Consultant
   (I am most easily reached by )

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Areas of interest
Software & engineering
Software system design
Dependable systems
Problem analysis
Problem & solution structures
Feature interaction

I work as an independent consultant in London, England, and I participate in research projects

I also offer consultancy and seminars on requirements, specification and design of software-intensive systems

Professional Activities
  • Editorial Board Member: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • Editorial Board Member: Automated Software Engineering
  • Editorial Board Member: Requirements Engineering Journal
  • Editorial Board Member: Science of Computer Programming
  • Editorial Board Member: Software and Systems Modeling

  • Member of IFIP Working Group   2.3 on Programming Methodology
  • Member of IFIP Working Group   2.9 on Requirements Engineering

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    Over the years I have worked with many different people in business, industry, government and academia, and learned much from them. Here are the names of a few of them. Not all have home pages on the web.


    Problem Frames: Analysing and Structuring Software Development Problems (Addison-Wesley, 2001)
    Describes the use of problem frames and the associated principles of analysis and structure.
         [Buy in the UK | US and elsewhere]

    Business Process Implementation (Addison-Wesley and ACM Press, 1997)
    Co-authored with Graham Twaddle of the Sherwood Group. Describes that company's approach to specifying and building workflow systems for insurance and other applications.
         [Buy in the UK | US and elsewhere]

    Software Requirements & Specifications (Addison-Wesley and ACM Press, 1996)
    A lexicon of principles, practices and prejudices. Describes some ideas relevant to the earlier stages of software development. These are chiefly ideas about problem analysis and description of the problem context. Introduces the idea of problem frames.
         [Buy in the UK | US and elsewhere]

    System Development (Prentice-Hall, 1983)
    Describes the JSD method of system specification and design.
          [Out of print. Buy a used copy from Bookfinder]

    Principles of Program Design (Academic Press, 1975)
    Describes the program design method that later became known as JSP and was adoped as a UK Government standard.
         [Buy in the UK | US and elsewhere]

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