Thein Than Tun

Department of Computing
The Open University
Milton Keynes
Tel:+44(0)1908 332 610
Fax: +44(0)1908 652 335


I am a research associate in the Computing Department of the Open University UK. I am interested in Requirements Engineering approaches, and their application in the development of feature-rich software systems. My research is related to privacy requirements, requirements evolution, argumentation for security, feature interaction, failures of dependable systems and feature modelling.

I am currently working on the Trading Arguments project funded by the Centre for Policing Research and Learning. Continuing and past projects include:

Selected Publications

Note: Papers are made available here for personal use only. A fuller listing of papers can be found on the ORO site.

  1. T. T. Tun, B. A. Price, A. K. Bandara, Y. Yu and B. Nuseibeh (2016). Verifiable Limited Disclosure: Reporting and Handling Digital Evidence in Police Investigations. in iRENIC: International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Investigating and Countering Crime (iRENIC), 12th September 2016, Beijing, China. (Best Short Paper)

  2. T.T. Tun, A. K. Bandara, B. A. Price, Y. Yu, C. Haley, I. Omoronyia and B. Nuseibeh (2012) Privacy Arguments: Analysing Selective Disclosure Requirements for Mobile Applications, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Reqirements Engineering Conference (RE 2012)

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  6. Y. Yu, T. T. Tun, A. Tedeschi, V.N.L. Franqueira, and B. Nuseibeh, (2011) OpenArgue: Supporting Argumentation to Evolve Secure Software Systems. 19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, pp. 351-352. Bibtex

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