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SIGMAP 2014 Workshop

Symmetry In Graphs, Maps And Polytopes

Financial matters

The registration fee for the workshop is £75.00 for a regular participant and £50.00 for partners and accompanying attendees. The low registration fee is courtesy of a Conference Grant of the London Mathematical Society.

The ELIM Conference Centre charges an accommodation rate of £71.00 per person per night in a single room. As a rule of thumb, participants are asked to calculate their payment by the formula £71.00 times the number of nights. Requests for extras will be sorted on your arrival (and you will pay for these upon your arrival).

This means that, for example, counting on an expected time of arrival on Sunday 6th July in the evening and an expected time of departure on Friday 11th July in the afternoon, a participant would pay a delegate rate of £355.00 covering accommodation for the entire Workshop.

Clicking the register button takes you to a separate registration page. Please fill in your details there. Towards the bottom of the registration page you will see two options: Payment by credit card and by bank transfer. Selection of the credit card option takes you to yet another page for processing further details. If you select the bank transfer option, the bank transfer details will be displayed.

After filling in the form, please click on the `Check your data' button and review your entries. A new amber button then appears at the bottom of the page, saying `Click to pay £... securely via WorldPay' in the credit card case, and `Click to save your details (no payment)' if you choose to pay by bank transfer. The latter means that your details will be submitted but you still have to arrange payment by bank transfer, preferably as soon as possible. In both cases, an entry in my database with your details will be generated only after clicking this amber button .


When paying by bank transfer, please make sure to include remittance advice details, which are:

- the recipient address: Income Office, Finance Division, 2nd floor Chambers, PO BOX 77, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BT, UK; and

- identification: SIGMAP  ***Name of Participant***

If you choose this option I would also like to ask you to send me a scan of your institution's bank transfer form with details of the transfer your institution made on your behalf; this will help us to track down your payment in case of any problems.

Extended deadline:

The closing date for registration, submission of abstracts and payments has been extended by one week; it is now 6th June 2014.

An important announcement for PhD students:

The London Mathematical Society Grant sponsoring our Workshop includes funding for a limited number of PhD students in the form of a payment reduction by £100. The option to apply for this reduction has been included in the registration page, but please check with me for availability before applying.