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SIGMAP 2014 Workshop

Symmetry In Graphs, Maps And Polytopes


5th Workshop SIGMAP - Symmetries In Graph, Maps And Polytopes

Sponsored by the Open University, London Mathematical Society and British Combinatorial Committee

Dates: 7th - 11th July 2014
Location: ELIM Conference Centre, West Malvern, U.K.

The aim of the Workshop is to continue the SIGMAP series and give the world-wide community of researchers in symmetries of discrete objects and structures the opportunity to gather together, exchange information and present their newest findings. It is expected to set up a new momentum for this community and further enhance research into important connections between embedded graphs, Riemann surfaces, dessins d'enfant and Galois theory by including a mini-course on these topics.

The Workshop venue, the ELIM Conference Centre in West Malvern, offers a great environment in terms of a good location, accommodation and catering quality, conference equipment and small meeting rooms for group talks. It is situated in the gorgeous area of Malverns, offering great views from the Malvern Hills and plenty to see and do in the beautiful town of Great Malvern; for more information about Malverns (with additional links) click here.

The expected arrival / departure times for participants are Sunday 6th July afternoon / Friiday 11th July afternoon.

Travel Information

The Malverns are accessible from London Airports and from Birmingham International Airport by train.  

The best way for planning your travel from one of these airports to the conference venue and back is to visit the British Rail website where you can plan your journey and look up timetables and prices. The destination to be typed in is the Great Malvern Station; to proceed to the ELIM Conference Centre from there you simply take a cab. 

The distance from London to Malverns does not look big on a map but it takes some time to get there. As a rule of thumb, to get to Great Malvern you should budget about 2 hours from Birmingham Intl, 3 hours from Heathrow Central Bus Station (beginning by a local bus ride from Heathrow to the Reading Station), 4 hours from Gatwick Airport and up to 5 hours from Luton and Stansted Airports, depending on the time of the day.