Story by Fortune Green

Project mission: 
Our mission was to improve Fortune Green, our local open space, which was dilapidated. Or in the words of our constitution it was to preserve and protect Fortune Green for the benefit of local residents and businesses.
Project achievements so far: 
We completed phase one; resurfacing all the paths, removed an ugly area of tarmac and expanded the dog free area, improved the bus stop entrance, create a new double border with bee friendly planting. We are in the process of completing phase two; excavation of remains of WW2 air raid shelter and returfed the area, bought two new noticeboards, created a children's landscaped area. Final phase this autumn; more returfing, running route.
Sources of funding: 
Section 106, The Lottery (Changing Spaces), Landfill trust funding (e.g. Veolia, Biffa), QEII Fields in Trust, our own funds
Sources of support: 
Camden's park's department, local councillors, The Glasshouse!, Veolia Environmental fund, Biffaward, QEII fields Trust. Local residents and members of FoFG.
Top tips: 
1. Hold workshops at the start to work out strengths/ weaknesses of the space (CABE workshops are good). 2. Get a good committee with a range of skills 3. Do the work in phases. It's easier to get the funding in place and also to manage the work.

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