Story by Springfield Park

Project mission: 
To create a safe and diverse environmet for teh local community to use and enjoy
Project achievements so far: 
Park landscaping, creatinon of pnds, swales,wildflower planting and an orchard. New sports and play facilities. Renewable energy (wind turbine) Improved usage and wider biodiversity
Sources of funding: 
Borough Council, Friends if Springbank, Glos Wildlife Trust, CSEP, LCBP Phase 2, Hesters Way Partnership
Sources of support: 
Cheltenham Borough Council, Friends if Springbank, Glos Wildlife Trust, Hesters Way Partnership, Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project, local schools, Vision 21, Glos Police, Cjheltenham Town FC, local football clubs, Play Gloucestershire
Top tips: 
Work with and consult the community Be consistent and in it for the long haul Develop good relations with council and environmental groups Appoint professionals where appropriate

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Springfield Park was awarded Green Flag status in 2011 and has now been successful for the third time. The second award was confirmed on 25th July 2012 where judges agreed that Springfield Park is: a welcoming place; clean and well maintained; promotes sustainability, conservation and heritage and community involvement. We have yet to complete the project but are continually adding new features in response to public demand and with the support of the local community. As you can see from the website we have started to use the lessons learned to develop a community lead approach to redeveloping other parks in the neighbourhood.