Capture the Flag -- Build a Collaborative Team

Looking for a Half-Term activity?
You are invited to spend some time with The Open University computing 
specialists and have some fun with remotely controlled drones!

In this event we will provide all the equipment you need including customisable
drones which have been redesigned to behave like hovercrafts.

Participants requirements:

There is no age limit but particpants should be able to use a touch screen 
phone to control their drone (with the help of their parents if required).

Facilities and Equipment

- Airblock drones, which can be adapted into hovercrafts

- Smart-phones (with control software preinstalled)

- 3D printed trophies and keyrings

- OU stationary as souvenirs


Yijun Yu, 
Danny Barthaud, 
Amel Bennaceur, 
Vikram Mehta, 
Patrick Wong, 
Kelvin Yu


A mixture of games to play with the drones will be available that include races 
and puzzles.

Programme in Detail: October 29, 12-5pm, at National Museum of Computing

Sessions will run throughout the afternoon and will include:

- Introductions to the drones

- Games

- Programming

- Prizes

History of the team

Collaborated with Bletchley Park, The National Museum of Computing and funded by EPSRC (EP/G026777/1) during Feb 2009 and Apr 2010, Security and Privacy for All (SP4A) was aimed at increasing public awareness of and engagement with the topic of IT Privacy and Security. The project was centred around public displays at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park with an accompanying website. In addition to posters, the installation had interactive exhibits which allowed visitors to see what information their wireless devices were broadcasting about them as well as to test their wallet or handbag on an RFID scanner to see if it contained any cards that replied. portrait
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