portrait Funded by European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant (#291652, Oct 2012 -- Sep 2017), the Adaptive Security and Privacy (ASAP) research programme aims to radically re-conceptualise software engineering for ubiquitous computing in ways that are cognisant of the changing needs of users, of the changing threats to user assets, and of the changing relationships between them. We are working to deliver adaptive software capabilities for supporting users in managing their privacy requirements, and adaptive software capabilities to deliver secure software that underpin those requirements. The ASAP project is organised around three key areas: privacy, security and adaptation, which will be investigated along four dimensions: automation, interaction, representation and analysis. Methodologically, the research will be conducted around four activities: development of conceptual foundations, contextual enquiry, software engineering method development, and applications and demonstrators.
Email: y.yu@open.ac.uk Office: +44 (0) 1908 6 55562