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Coordinating Architecture-Based Self-Protecting Systems

Industry and governments are pushing for reuse and commonality in software-reliant systems to achieve economies of scale, and better integration between systems. However, this also provides economies of scale to cyber-attackers, who can devise an attack and reuse it on several systems that share common artifacts. Techniques employed to thwart these attacks, such as moving target (MT) defense, persistently interfere with other quality attributes, and can make it more costly to produce, and maintain these systems. The aim of this project is to enable systems that use common architectures and components to securely share information about their threat environment such that the individual systems can proactively adapt their behavior and structure in time to deny the possibility of reusing the attack, without the impact on other quality attributes that other techniques impose. Thus, this project will turn the advantage that reuse and commonality give to attackers into a defense advantage.


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