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Requirements problem and solution concepts for adaptive systems

When we do Requirements Engineering (RE) for adaptive systems, are we doing RE as usual? Do adaptive systems pose new challenges to RE? If yes, what kinds of challenges are these? The talk gives preliminary answers to these questions. The main argument of the talk, is that the requirements problem and solution concepts for adaptive systems are different from the de facto standard problem and solution concepts in RE, introduced by Pamela Zave and Michael Jackson in their seminal 1997 ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology paper, "Four dark corners of requirements engineering". In the talk, I argue that the solution concept in adaptive systems RE is not a single specification as in Zave and Jackson's requirements problem, but more specifications along with evolution requirements that impose constraints on which specifications we can switch between at runtime, whereby switching occurs when we observe that the system has failed to satisfy requirements to the desired extent. I relate this to key ideas in RE for adaptive systems, including monitoring, feedback loops, probabilistic relaxation, fuzzy relaxation, and evolution requirements.