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Dynamic Self-adaptive Software Technology in System of Systems

The smartphone revolution has made great impact not only on people's lifestyle, but also on software-intensive system design. Stand-alone systems have been transformed and connected into an eco-system to survive in highly-open, dynamic-changing, and unpredictable IT environment. Moreover, a single eco-system begins to connect with other ones (called ``mega-ecosystems'') to provide seamless smart services. However, the few research community has focused on self-adaptiveness of mega-ecosystems software. In this talk, we will pay attention on importance of ``self-adaptiveness'' in mega-ecosystems and investigate the research issues of self-adaptive system of systems (SASoS), which would be a key component of mega-ecosystems. How to define self-adaptiveness of system of systems? What are the key components and their architecture? How to collaborate one with another in SASoS? Given a new component of SASoS, how does it join/register in an existing SASoS? How to share knowledge (collective intelligence) of self-adaptiveness among SASoS components? Since most stand-alone systems are non-adaptive ones, how to transform them into SASoS? We expect this workshop would be a good starting point of exploring these issues among the research community.