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User-Driven Situational Service Mashups

Situational applications are created for a narrow group of users with a unique set of needs to deal with situational and ad-hoc problems. For such kind of situational applications, the requirements are in variety, can't be determined in advance and may change over time. As a typical approach to build situational applications, service mashups come into our attention. Though there are some existing service mashup tools, it is still challenging for those developers with no or little programming skills to develop service mashups to solve the transient and ad-hoc business problems. This talk begins with an interesting motivating scenario and discusses some of the research issues including the data service modeling, end-user service programming. Some research results and an on-going work on service recommendation are briefly introduced. The initial work results have been implemented in a prototype called ``data service space(DSS)'', which is briefly introduced in this talk.