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Exploration of Adaptation Space - Linking with Efforts in Service-Oriented Computing

There have been a lot of efforts on self-adaptation in the area of service-oriented computing. Systems are composed by combining existing services, and adapt typically by selecting and switching from alternative services. General problems of service composition select a service for each involved task for given global goals (functions, quality (non-functional) constraints, and optimization criteria). Our work extends this setting to select a set of candidate services for each task, to avoid greedy non-optimal adaptation and to reduce runtime overhead for adaptation. As a technical approach, our work uses graphs to model slightly-different functions of similar services. This approach allows to efficiently identify alternative services as well as to see the potential trade-offs between strength of goals and availability of alternatives. Although this work targeted the communities of world wide web and service-oriented computing, it shows an instance study about how to identify and explore adaptation space (inside solution space) at development-time and at runtime.