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7. Bibliography

This list comprises a personal collection of research papers, review papers, academic theses and books which are in some way related to the theory of quasicrystals. It is by no means a complete compilation of the vast literature on this subject, nor is it regularly updated. The entries have been classified into five categories - book, review articles, academic theses, research papers, and finally patents.

7.1 Books on Quasicrystals and Related Topics

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7.2 Review Articles on Quasicrystals

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7.3 Academic Theses related to Quasicrystals

[T:Bee] Beeli C. 1992: Electron Quasicrystallography, Dissertation no. 9801, ETH Zürich
[T:Gie] de Gier J. 1998: Random Tilings and Solvable Lattice Models, Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
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[T:Her] Hermisson J. 1999: Aperiodische Ordnung und Magnetische Phasenübergänge}, Dissertation, Universität Tübingen
[T:Hir] Hirning A. 1996: Selbstdiffusion in Quasikristallen}, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (Shaker, Aachen)
[T:Hof] Hof A. 1992: Quasicrystals, aperiodicity and lattice systems, Proefschrift Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
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[T:Pet] Peters J. 1994: Elektronische Zustände und Transporteigenschaften von Quasikristallen aus störungstheoretischer Sicht, Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart (Shaker, Aachen)
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[T:Ray] Raymond L. 1995: Étude algébrique de milieux quasipériodiques, Thése Université de Provence, Marseille
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[T:Roc] Roche S. 1996: Contribution a l'étude théorique du transport électronique dans les quasicristaux, Thése Université Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble
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[T:Sim] Simon H. 1997: Ferromagnetische Spinsysteme auf aperiodischen Strukturen Dissertation, Universität Tübingen (DDD, Darmstadt)

7.4 Research Papers related to Quasicrystals

to be completed
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to be completed

7.5 Patents related to Quasicrystals

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