I am interested in music computing applications that combine techniques from Artificial Intelligence with novel user interfaces. In particular, the use of Markov Models. I am currently investigating how such approaches can be used in such a way that users can drive the probabilistic choices involved. The plan is to explore this in the context of Touchable Tabletop interfaces, allowing us to explore social aspects of collaborative creativity.

My other main research interest is in the field of Requirements Engineering. In particular, I have developed an approach I call Composition Frames. This is an extension to the Problem Frames approach of Professor Michael Jackson and deals with the dynamic composition of software in a requirements-centric way.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspects of my work.

Potential Students

I am always interested in hearing from potential PhD students. The Open University from time to time has competitive funding available for PhD students, and often this applies to international students. A new topic on offer is in ways to improving complex planning negotiations through groupware that assists mutual understanding. This would potentially build on our work on contributory simulations, on which we have a recent paper published at CHI.