The CLIME Project at ITRI

CLIME Computerized Legal Information Management and Explanation
CLIME Team at ITRI Lynne Cahill, Roger Evans (Local Project Manager), Paul Piwek and Neil Tipper
Duration 1998 - 2001
Funding European Commission. ESPRIT EP 25.414
Project Partners The consortium was led by British Maritime Technology Ltd. (UK), and involved the University of Brighton (UK), the University of Amsterdam  (The Netherlands), Bureau Veritas (France) and TXT Ingegneria Informatica (Italy).
Summary The aim of the CLIME project was the development of the CLIME system: a generic software infrastructure for supporting users in consulting distributed archives and repositories of regulatory and legal information. The project delivered a demonstrator in the area of maritime law. At ITRI, we focussed on developping natural language technology to facilitate the formulation of queries to legal information systems and the generation of multilingual natural language answers to legal queries.
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