Some demonstrations of WYSIWYM

We plan to have available soon a web-based version of WYSIWYM that you can explore for yourself. In the meantime, you might be interested to see the following demonstrations of WYSIWYM running in real-time, captured as an AVI file and accompanied with a spoken commentary.

Running the demos
Preparation: Check to see that your machine can run AVI files and that your speaker is turned on!
Starting: First click on one of the anchors below. This loads the relevant AVI file.
Once the file is loaded, click anywhere within the window and the demo will start runing.
Stopping: Each demo lasts about 5 minutes. If you want to stop before the end, simply click once again within the window.

We recommend that you explore the demos in the following order:

Part 1: Knowledge-editing with WYSIWYM
This first screencast shows how WYSIWYM can be used to construct a knowledge base that describes a procedure for carrying out part of a word-processing task.
Part2: Generating multilingual documentation with WYSIWYM
This second screencast shows how a knowledge-base created with WYSIWYM can be used to produce automatically generated documentation in multiple languages.

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