Sustanon 100 or


What you should know about your medicine

This leaflet was written to help you understand your medicine. If you have any questions or worries, ask your doctor or a pharmacist. At the end of the leaflet you will find a list of things to remember about your medicine.

Please keep this leaflet until you have finished your medicine. You may want to read it again.


What is Sustanon 100 or 250?

Each Sustanon 100 injection contains: 20 mg testosterone propionate (PhEur), 40 mg testosterone phenylpropionate (BP), and 40 mg testosterone isocaproate (BP).

Each Sustanon 250 injection contains: 30 mg testosterone propionate (PhEur), 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate (BP), 60mg testosterone isocaproate (BP) and 100 mg testosterone decanoate (BP).

The injection fluid also contains benzyl alcohol (PhEur) and arachis oil (PhEur).

It is packed in a glass 1 ml ampoule, and comes in packs of 3 ampoules

Your body turns the active ingredients in Sustanon (testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate and testosterone decanoate) into testosterone.

Testosterone is a natural male hormone known as an androgen which controls normal sexual development in men.


The product licence is held by: Organon Laboratories

Ltd, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 4FL.

Sustanon is made by: Organon Laboratories Ltd.,

Newhouse Industrial Estate, Newhouse, Motherwell. ML1 5SH, or N.V. Organon, P.O. Box 20 5340BH, Oss, The Netherlands.


What is Sustanon used for?

Sustanon is used in testosterone replacement therapy for male sexual problems for example:

   after castration or a similar problem called eunuchoidism

   impotence caused by hormonal disorders

   decreased sex drive

   infertility caused by low sperm count

   bone loss caused by low hormone levels

   when the pituitary gland cannot work as well as it should (hypopituitarism); this can cause decreased sexual ability in males.


Before this medicine given to you

   Do you have cancer of the breast or prostate?

   Are you pregnant?

   Are you breast-feeding?

   Are you allergic to any of the ingredients in Sustanon?

If the answer to either of these questions is YES:

   Did you tell your doctor at the last visit or an earlier visit?

   If you did NOT then you should do so as soon as possible.

Even so, your doctor may still want to give you



What do I need to know before my medicine is given

to me?

Extra supervision may be necessary in some cases, particularly the elderly. Tell your doctor if you have ever had:

   kidney disease

   heart disease



   high blood pressure

   bone cancer.

Sustanon may affect some blood tests.

Extra supervision by the doctor is necessary in the

treatment of young boys since male hormones may cause early sexual development and delay growth.

What other medicines are you taking?

Other medicines may affect how Sustanon works or Sustanon may affect how they work.

Certain types of drugs can cause more enzymes to

be made in the liver. These are called "enzyme inducing drugs", for example medicines used to treat epilepsy, phenobarbitone.

If you are taking any other medicines, tell your

doctor before Sustanon is given to you.


Pregnancy and breast-feeding

If you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant, Sustanon should not be given to you.

Sustanon should not be given to you if you are



What about allergies?

Sustanon contains benzyl alcohol and arachis oil. If you are allergic to either of these, tell your doctor immediately.


How should Sustanon be given?

How much?

Adults: The dose is chosen by your doctor.

For Sustanon 100 usually one injection of 1 ml every

two weeks is given.

For Sustanon 250 usually one injection of 1 ml every

three weeks is given.

However, the dose given depends on the individual.


Elderly: Smaller and less frequent doses may be given to the elderly.

Children: Smaller and less frequent doses may be given to children.


How Sustanon injections are given

The injections are given by your doctor or nurse.

Sustanon is given deep into a muscle.


What to do if someone accidentally takes too much

If this happens tell your doctor.


What to do if you miss a dose

Don't worry if you miss a dose. Ask your doctor for advice.


What about side effects?

Sustanon sometimes causes side effects in some people.

If you have any of the following side effects, tell

your doctor:

   prolonged painful erection

   increased sexual desire

   decreased amounts of ejaculation fluid

   water retention

   low sperm count

   in young boys, early sexual development, erections occurring more often than normal, enlarged penis, delayed growth

   hoarseness of the voice

Tell your doctor if you have side effects which are

serious or troublesome, and if side effects continue, he may decide to stop your treatment for a while.


How should Sustanon be stored?

Do not use Sustanon injection after the "use by" date on the pack.

Store between 15-25C (room temperature) away

from the light.

Sustanon should be kept in a place where children

cannot see or reach it.


This information was written in August 1995.


Other things to remember about medicines

1. Only use this medicine for your current medical problems. Do not use it for other medical problems.

2. Do not allow other people to use your medicines and do not use medicines meant for other people.

3. Tell any doctor treating you what medicines you are taking. Always carry a medical information card showing which medicines you are using. This can be very important in case you are involved in an accident.

4. Return any medicines that you do not use to the pharmacy, they will get rid of them safely.

5. Make sure the people you live with or who look after you read this information.