Michael Wilkinson

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
The Open University,
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes,
MK6 7AA,

Email: m.wilkinson@open.ac.uk

Tel.: +44-(0)1908-274066

Research summary

My research work is primarily in theoretical physics. The emphasis is on achieving a thorough understanding of physically realistic model problems using analytical methods, numerical  investigations and (in some cases) simple experiments. I have worked on problems arising in solid-state physics, quantum mechanics, statistical physics, fluid dynamics, biophysics, genomics and astrophysics.

I was awarded the Maxwell medal of the Institute of Physics in 1997 for a renormalisation group analysis of Bloch electrons in a magnetic field.

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Summary of career

B.Sc. in Mathematical Physics, Leeds, 1981
Ph.D. in Physics, Bristol, 1984
Weingart Fellow in Theoretical Physics, Caltech, 1984-6
Faculty member, Physics and Applied Physics, Strathclyde, 1986-2000,
(promoted to personal chair in Theoretical Solid-State Physics, 1998).
Maxwell Medal, Institute of Physics, 1997.
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Open University,  2000-2019,
Emeritus Professor, Open University, 2019 to date.