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Ann Abraham, 'Information design and pedagogical effectiveness of web-based e-learning environments.'

John Brier, 'Change frames for reasoning about organisation (socio-technical) change.'

Michael Ellims, 'Testing embedded control systems.'

Al Selvin, ‘Participatory knowledge creation as facilitated art.’


Academic offspring

Debra Haley, 'Latent semantic analysis for electronic assessment in Computing.'  Ph.D. to be awarded 2009.

Tom Heath, 'Shared semantically enriched web browsing histories.' Ph.D. awarded 2008.  Now at Talis, Birmingham.

Ekaterini Tzanidou, 'Evaluating usability of e-commerce sites by tracking eye movements.'  Ph.D awarded 2006.  Now at Cimex, London.

Brian Hopkins, 'The role of critical and reflective thinking in the education and training of information systems practitioners.'  Ph.D. awarded 2006.

Martha Hause, 'Remote group working in Computing courses.'  Ph.D. awarded 2004.

Linda Price (formerly Carswell), 'Strategies for accommodating individual difference in Computing distance education.'  Ph.D. awarded 2002. Now at Institute of Educational Technology, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Ian Kelly, 'An evolutionary design interaction approach to computer-assisted colour design.'  Ph.D. awarded 2002.

Maxine Glancy, 'Design and response in multimedia GUIs for naive users.'  M.Phil. awarded 2002. Now at BBC, London.

Rachel Hewson, 'Marking and making:  a characterisation of sketching for typographic design.' Ph.D. awarded 1994.