Tuesday Training Sessions for Inbetweeners Group July September 2018



Notes and Events

24 July

3 x (3H,2R,2H,2R,3H). 3R between sets.

Friday 27 July 6.30 7.30 Track Session




31 July

4 x (3H,1R,2H,1R,1H). 3R between sets.

Wednesday 1 August EMAC Track Stantonbury




7 August

Joint Training Session.

Wednesday 8 August OU 5m




14 August

4 x (3H,1R,1H,1R,1H,1R,1H), 3R between sets.




Saturday 18 August SAL Track Meeting

21 August

2 x (3H,3R,4H,3R,4H,3R,3H) with 5R between sets.





28 August

4 x (3H,1R,3H); 3R between sets.

Sunday 2 September TOUR starts




4 September

Tour Mile



H = effort run around 5k pace

R = recovery run at steady pace, breathing easily and able to talk - all recovery should be active and allow regrouping.

Where session has no pace indicated leader will advise pace depending on goals and experience.

All sessions will start at 7pm at the track, unless otherwise stated.