Voluntary Contributions

Some coaches may ask for small contributions to help with their expenses, but this is voluntary, and must not be for coaching in the core weekday sessions. Coaches who do ask for voluntary contributions must provide feedback, at least twice a year, on how this money has been used.

The Club pays for the training facilities used by club members in Milton Keynes and Buckingham. It will also pay for any fees incurred by coaches and officials in obtaining or upgrading their qualifications. However, it does not pay for travel expenses or for a number of other expenses incurred in the support of their athletes.

The following coaches may ask for a voluntary contribution towards these additional expenses:

Jim Bennett (Head Coach, Endurance)

Jim asks for voluntary contributions of 1 per week. If there are siblings within the group it is still only 1.

Kyle Bennett (Multievent coach)

Kyle asks for 10 a month maximum contribution. Some pay this, some pay less and some don't pay anything at all.

Sharon Edghill (Endurance coach)

Sharon asks for voluntary contributions of 5 per month from her lead athletes.  Not all make contributions.