Sportshall Athletics


Sportshall emphasises team competition and athlete participation.  It is an integral part of the pathway recommended by England Athletics to encourage young athletes to readily engage with and continue in athletics.  Competition is available in this format up to the age of 15.


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Marshall Milton Keynes Club Championships and Virtual Competition


Winter practice and competition is detailed below.  For U13/U15 performances will also be recorded across a range of events to create individual scores in the Sportshall Pentathlon or Decathlon. 


Age group for competition will be based on the age as at 31 August 2016.  So, for example, a 12 year old athlete as at 31 August will compete in the U13 group.


Key Dates



22 November 2016, Club Trials, Ashurst Hall

8 January 2017, County Competition, Bletchley

11 February 2017, Regional Championship, Burgess Hill


21 January 2017, Club Trials, Ashurst Hall

18 February 2017, County Competition, Stantonbury Leisure Centre

4 March 2017, Regional Championships, Burgess Hill