MMK Male Veterans in the UK Rankings - 2016
Compiled by Jim Lawrence 10 December 2016
# Paul Canning M50 12.1 w+2.1 Milton Keynes 9-Jul M50 Record
44 Paul Canning M50 13.1 Milton Keynes 14-Aug
54 Paul Canning M45 13.1 Milton Keynes 10-Apr
26 Ivars Licietis M60 14.1 Sandy 4-May
109 Mark Featherstone M50 14.2 Sandy 4-May
94 Jim Lawrence M55 15.3 Milton Keynes 8-May
31 Paul Canning M45 25.75 w+1.4 Milton Keynes 16-Apr
29 Paul Canning M50 26.29 w+2.0 Birmingham 30-Jul
82 Mark Dowson M40 27.1 Milton Keynes 6-Jul
7 Ivars Licietis M60 27.61 w+0.8 Birmingham 18-Sep
112 Phil Catcheside M40 28.3 Milton Keynes 31-Jul
90 Jim Lawrence M55 32.3 Bedford 11-Sep
73 Alasdair Gibson M60 34.4 Bedford 1-Jun
55 Mark Dowson M40 58.67 Watford 10-Aug
9 Ivars Licietis M60 62.12 ind Ancona,Italy 2-Apr M60 Ind Rec
M60 62.38 Birmingham 17-Sep M60 Record
108 Phil Catcheside M40 63.77 Horspath , Oxford 18-Jun
8 John Skelton M65 68.52 Birmingham 17-Sep M65 Record
32 Stephen Herring M45 2.12.15 Watford 13-Jul
57 Mark Dowson M40 2.13.64 ind Lee Valley 31-Jan
9 Dennis Edghill M55 2.18.65 Horspath , Oxford 17-Aug
99 Paul Canning M45 2.29.8 Milton Keynes 6-Jul
177 Phil Catcheside M40 2.32.5 Bedford 11-Sep
4 John Skelton M65 2.33.7 Milton Keynes 6-Jul M65 Record
18 Ivars Licietis M60 2.37.77 Birmingham 18-Sep
19 Alasdair Gibson M60 2.37.8 Milton Keynes 18-Sep
226 Doug Yabsley M45 3.07.1 Milton Keynes 6-Jul
33 Stephen Herring M45 4.31.12 Watford 27-Jul
96 Mark Dowson M40 4.41.62 ind Lee Valley 17-Feb
16 Dennis Edghill M55 4.57.92 Watford 24-Aug
1 John Skelton M65 5.01.57 Birmingham 17-Sep M65 Record
199 Phil Catcheside M40 5.12.3 Milton Keynes 31-Jul
25 Alasdair Gibson M60 5.27.2 Bedford 1-Jun
187 Paul Canning M50 5.40.60 Horspath , Oxford 19-Jun
93 Stewart Fraser M55 5.44.3 Bedford 11-Sep
76 Ivars Licietis M60 6.19.1 Norwich 20-Aug
233 David Cullum M50 6.22.4 Milton Keynes 31-Jul
125 Jim Lawrence M55 7.02.6 Bedford 1-Jun
1 Mile 
33 Chris Finister M40 5.05.9 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
52 Andrew Wasdell M40 5.18.4 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
96 Chris Nicholson M40 5.38.5 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
99 Neil Jones M40 5.41.6 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
99 Neil Boddington M40 5.41.6 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
109 Russell Jones M40 5.47.1 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
114 Kevin Munro M40 5.50.1 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
85 Eduardo Usturan M45 5.56.37 Iffley Rd,Oxford 23-Jul
68 Kevin Church M50 6.03.5 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
69 Andrew Stiles M50 6.04.2 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
47 Les Turton M55 6.08.5 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
132 Michael Kerrigan M40 6.10.1 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
75 Martin Brent M50 6.10.6 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
19 Merv Phillips M60 6.16.3 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
93 Chris Mahon M50 6.32.4 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
135 Ian Davey M40 6.33.8 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
14 Kelvin Smith M65 6.33.9 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
106 Peter Tye M45 6.35.8 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
32 Paul Mason M60 6.41.5 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
114 Malcolm Kidby M45 6.47.7 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
18 Dave Findel-Hawkins M65 6.54.7 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
10 Keith Cook M70 6.56.9 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
107 David Cullum M50 6.59.9 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
22 Jim Morrison M70 8.53.5 Milton Keynes 23-Aug
27 Stephen Herring M45 9.41.59 Watford 29-Jun
1 John Skelton M65 10.26.8 Bedford 11-Sep M65 Record
222 Phil Catcheside M40 11.13.8 Bedford 11-Sep
91 Stewart Fraser M55 12.03.0 Sandy 4-May
2 John Skelton M65 18.21.66 Birmingham 18-Sep M65 Record
2 John Skelton M65 38.05.51 Sandy 7-Jul M65 Record
100m Hurdles (91.4cm)
8 Paul Canning M50 17.90 w+1.2 Birmingham 17-Sep M50 Record
300m Hurdles (76.2cm)
7 Ivars Licietis M60 54.9 Milton Keynes 6-Jul M60 Record
400m Hurdles (91.4cm)
17 Paul Canning M45 70.87 Milton Keynes 16-Apr
Paul Canning M50 73.0 Milton Keynes 9-Jul
400m Hurdles (84.0 cm- 2'9")
3 Paul Canning M50 68.3 Milton Keynes 6-Jul M50 Record
2000m Walk
26 Stewart Fraser M55 13.32.3 Bedford 11-Sep
High Jump
9 Andre Sinclair-Linton M50 1.56m Solihull 17-Jul M50 Record
10 Mark Featherstone M50 1.55m Bedford 1-Jun M50 Record
22 David Goldsworthy M55 1.30m Stevenage 3-Aug
66 Phil Catcheside M40 1.30m Stevenage 3-Aug
21 Ivars Licietis M60 1.20m Bedford 11-Sep
40 Alasdair Gibson M60 1.00m Bedford 1-Jun
Pole Vault
8 Ivars Licietis M60 2.10m Bedford 11-Sep
47 Charles Preston M50 1.90m Milton Keynes 9-Jul
Long Jump
13 Andre Sinclair-Linton M50 5.13m Milton Keynes 10-Apr M50 Record
42 Mark Featherstone M50 4.53m Milton Keynes 6-Jul
44 Paul Canning M50 4.52m w+2.0 Horspath , Oxford 19-Jun
84 Doug Yabsley M45 3.68m Milton Keynes 6-Jul
40 Ivars Licietis M60 3.49m Sandy 4-May
62 Jim Lawrence M55 3.46m Bedford 11-Sep
49 Jim Lawrence M60 3.22m Sandy 24-Sep
Triple Jump
8 Andre Sinclair-Linton M50 10.35m Stevenage 3-Aug
39 Paul Canning M50 9.12m Bedford 1-Jun
53 Mark Featherstone M50 8.41m Bedford 1-Jun
18 Ivars Licietis M60 7.94m Bedford 11-Sep
50 Jim Lawrence M55 7.37m Bedford 11-Sep
Shot (7.26kg)
58 Paul Canning M45 8.84m Milton Keynes 16-Apr
Mike Burling M55 6.94m Harrow 22-May
Jim Lawrence M55 5.79m Harrow 22-May
Jim Lawrence M60 5.56m Milton Keynes 18-Sep
Shot (6kg)
15 Mark Featherstone M50 11.83m Sandy 4-May M50 Record
51 Mike Burling M55 7.40m Sandy 4-May
Jim Lawrence M60 6.33m Milton Keynes 18-Sep
Shot ( 5kg)
10 Bunt Scott M65 10.31m Sandy 4-May M65 Record
54 Jim Lawrence M60 6.67m Milton Keynes 18-Sep
Shot (4kg)
7 Jack Kee M75 8.36m Swindon 23-Jan
Discus (1.5kg)
13 Mark Featherstone M50 35.93m Bedford 11-Sep
34 David Goldsworthy M55 24.78m Stevenage 3-Aug
46 Mike Burling M55 22.83m Milton Keynes 8-May
75 Paul Canning M50 22.22m Horspath,Oxford 19-Jun
Discus (1kg)
10 Bunt Scott M65 36.18m Peterborough 16-Oct
45 Jim Lawrence M60 22.33m Milton Keynes 18-Sep
Hammer (7.26kg)
Mike Burling M55 24.32m Milton Keynes 16-Apr
Jim Lawrence M55 16.29m Sandy 4-May
Jim Lawrence M60 16.23m Derby 30-Sep
120 Phil Catcheside M40 6.20m Bedford 11-Sep
Hammer (6 kg)
23 Mike Burling M55 26.35m Sandy 4-May
38 Jim Lawrence M55 21.35m Milton Keynes 6-Jul
Jim Lawrence M60 19.55m Derby 30-Sep
Hammer ( 5kg)
4 Bunt Scott M65 36.66m Birmingham 18-Sep
27 Jim Lawrence M60 23.52m Milton Keynes 18-Sep
Hammer (4kg)
2 Jack Kee M75 37.68m Thetford 5-Mar
Javelin (700gm)
11 Mark Featherstone M50 37.35m Bedford 11-Sep
18 David Goldsworthy M55 29.85m Stevenage 3-Aug
45 Paul Canning M50 28.44m Horspath,Oxford 19-Jun
Javelin ( 600gm)
5 Bunt Scott M65 31.79m Birmingham 17-Sep M65 Record
Weight (9.08kg)- 20lb
5 Bunt Scott M65 12.30m Birmingham 18-Sep
17 Jim Lawrence M60 8.09m Derby 30-Sep
Weight (7.26kg)-16lb
2 Jack Kee M75 14.37m Swindon 23-Jan
7 Paul Canning M50 2492 pts Horspath , Oxford 19-Jun M50 Record
Weight Pentathlon
2 Bunt Scott M65 3210 pts Birmingham 30-Jul
Weight Triathlon
Jack Kee M75 2122 pts Swindon 23-Jan
Hammer Decathlon
Jim Lawrence M60 3336 pts Derby 30-Sep
# Would have been 4th = with a legal wind.
All times  recorded at the Stevenage EMAC meeting
have been declared void as no official starter.