47th Wolverton 5 Mile Road Race

Saturday 26 November 2011



The race was held round Willen Lake. The conditions were windy but not too cold.



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Team Results                                                                                                                            

MMKAC results with pictures by Brian Graves


Thanks go to Jackson Ryan who organised the event; to David Barratt who organised the marshals; to Brian Graves who sorted out the entries; to Camphill Farm Trust who allowed us to use their facilities, and to the many members and friends of Marshall Milton Keynes AC who helped on the day.

The chip timing system used in this year’s race had problems, unfortunately. The times given at the finish were some 10-11 seconds faster than the manual times and ten results were missing. Later on the Saturday evening I was emailed another set of results with the 10 missing results included but another set of 7 results omitted. These were 5-6 seconds different from the manual times, in a slightly different order, and with mat-mat times that were not credible – apparently 94 runners had crossed the mat in the first second, while only 90 runners crossed the line in the following 12 seconds. I asked the Chip Timing Company to investigate these anomalies as a matter of urgency.

On Thursday 1 December I was sent a third set of results which were more consistent with the manual times (98 were the same, 99 out by 1 second, 25 out by 2 seconds, and the other four by between 3 and 5 seconds). The mat-mat times had changed again by varying amounts from the results sent to me on the evening of the race. When I asked for an explanation as to why the results had changed the response was “The issue we had was the time sync error in one timing box. That timing box was moved from the start to the finish causing the error to be doubled six seconds at the start and six seconds at the finish however at the finish it was only for the people who finished on the left side. I should have doubled the mats up to form a 5m finish rather than a 10m.”


I’m afraid I don’t find the explanation consistent with the varying results I have seen and I cannot vouch for either the mat-mat or gun-tape times that have been sent in this third set of results. I have therefore abandoned the chip-timed results and have displayed only the manual times recorded by the club’s officials at the finish. If you wish to see what the chip times are, please click here.

We apologise for all the problems this has caused which were beyond our control.

Mick Bromilow, Chair Marshall Milton Keynes.


Please let Mick Bromilow know of any errors