MKAC League Fixtures 2002

Data supplied by Jim Lawrence on 10 January 2002. Updated 10 August 2002. Links to track information courtesy of Tim Grose.
    Southern Men's League A Team       Southern Men's League B Team
    Division 3       Division 4 (West)
  Managers Barry Hearn &     Manager Terry Burbidge
    Jim Lawrence        
Saturday 4-May Home results   Saturday 4-May Home results
Saturday 18-May Par, Cornwall results   Saturday 18-May Abingdon results
Saturday 8-Jun Barn Elms results   Saturday 8-Jun Perivale results
Saturday 22-Jun Catford results   Saturday 22-Jun Exeter results
Saturday 13-Jul Home results   Saturday 13-Jul Home results
Saturday 3-Aug Tonbridge results   Saturday 3-Aug Southampton results
    Final League Table       Final League Table
    National Junior League       Eastern Young Athletes' League
    Cam/ Thames Division       Division 1
  Manager Mike Leonard     Manager Boys: Jim Bennett
Sunday 28-Apr Home (Bedford) results       Girls: Graham Ghaleb
Sunday 23-Jun Waltham Forest results   Sunday 21-Apr Home results
Sunday 28-Jul Ipswich results   Sunday 26-May Basildon results
Sunday 18-Aug Basildon results   Sunday 23-Jun Ipswich results
Sunday 15-Sep Copthall - Promotion match results   Sunday 4-Aug West Suffolk results
        Sunday 18-Aug Southend results
        Sunday 15-Sep EYAL Final results, Bedford
            Final League Table
    Southern Women's League       Eastern Vets League
    Division 1       South Western Division
  Manager Jim McKenna     Managers Men: Alasdair Gibson
Saturday 27-Apr Guildford results       & Mike Scofield
Saturday 18-May Bedford results       Ladies: Bob Beales (640401)
Saturday 8-Jun Southampton results   Wed 1-May Bedford results
Saturday 6-Jul Kingston results   Wed 5-Jun Luton results
Saturday 27-Jul Kingston results   Wed 3-Jul Bedford results
Saturday 7-Sep Home results   Wed 7-Aug Home results
    Final League Table   Saturday 7-Sep EVAC Final results - Bedford
Saturday 14-Sep Promotion match        
Saturday 20-Apr Alpha Beta Trophy, Enfield        
  Boys National Young Athletes' League     Girls National Young Athletes' League
    Premier League ( South )       National Premier 5
  Manager Barry Hearn     Manager Toby Rollason
Sunday 5-May Norman Park results   Sunday 2-Jun Norwich results
Sunday 19-May Eton results   Sunday 30-Jun Haringey results
Sunday 2-Jun Walthamstow results   Sunday 21-Jul Crawley results
Sunday 30-Jun Croydon Results        
Sunday 21-Jul Battersea Park results        
    Final league table        

Last Updated on 23/09/02
By Mick Bromilow