MKAC League and Cup Fixtures/Results 2000

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    Southern Men's League A Team         Southern Men's League B Team    
    Division 1         Division 6 East    
  Manager Jim McKenna       Manager Terry Burbidge    
      Posn     Assistant Jim Lawrence Posn  
Saturday 6-May Home 4   Saturday 6-May Home 1  
Saturday 3-Jun Basildon 4   Saturday 3-Jun Basildon 1  
Saturday 24-Jun Croydon 5   Saturday 24-Jun Home 1  
Saturday 8-Jul Parliament Hill (Highgate) 5   Saturday 8-Jul Parliament Hill 3  
Saturday 22-Jul Welwyn Garden City 5   Saturday 22-Jul Ware 1  
Saturday 5-Aug Hastings abs   Saturday 5-Aug Deangate 1  
Sunday 11-Jun BAL Cup - 1st round - Corby abs       Final league position 3  
    Final league position 24            
    National Junior League         Eastern Young Athletes' League    
    Southern Premier         Division 1    
  Manager Mike Leonard       Manager Boys: Jim Bennett    
Sunday 7-May Copthall 6       Girls: Graham Ghaleb    
Sunday 18-Jun Enfield 6   Sunday 7-May Huntingdon 1  
Sunday 16-Jul Newport 6   Sunday 11-Jun Cambridge 3  
Sunday 13-Aug Norwich 6   Sunday 25-Jun Thurrock 4  
    Final league position 6   Sunday 9-Jul Basildon 2  
          Sunday 6-Aug Home 2  
              Final league position 8  
          Sunday 10-Sep EYAL Final - Havering 2  
    Southern Women's League         Eastern Vets League    
    Division 2         South Western Division    
  Manager Sean O Sullivan       Manager Men: Alasdair Gibson & Mike Scofield    
Saturday 29-Apr Crawley 3       Ladies: Bob Beales Ladies Men
Saturday 20-May Walton 4   Wednesday 3-May Bedford 2 2
Saturday 24-Jun Croydon 3   Wednesday 7-Jun Luton 2 2
Saturday 15-Jul Thurrock 3   Wednesday 05-Jul Peterborough 1 2
Saturday 12-Aug Worthing 1   Wednesday 02-Aug Home 3 2
Saturday 2-Sep Home 2   Saturday 09-Sep Final - Bedford 2 2
Saturday 8-Apr Alpha & Beta Trophy, Enfield 4            
Sunday 11-Jun UKWAL Cup - 1st round - Corby 7            
    MacDonalds Boys' League         MacDonalds Girls League    
    Premier League (South)         National Premier 6    
  Manager Barry Hearn       Manager Mike Pierrot    
Sunday 30-Apr Bromley 3     Assistant Jim Docherty    
Sunday 21-May Enfield 3   Sunday 21-May Havant 3  
Sunday 4-Jun Woodford Green 4   Sunday 2-Jul Windsor,Slough & Eton 4  
Sunday 2-Jul Harrow 2   Sunday 23-Jul Guildford 3  
Sunday 23-Jul Basildon 3       Final league position 3  
    Final league position ?       Updated 20 September 2000    
              Jim Lawrence( Fixtures Secretary)    
              Veterans Sec - Summer    

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