Lucia Rapanotti


Current projects

Selected past projects

General theories of (software) engineering, with Jon G. Hall

Metricising software development processes, with Jon G. Hall

Representing and analysing complex problem tangles, with Jon G. Hall

Representing and analysing change problems in organisations, with Georgi Markov and Jon G. Hall

Changing business orientation through IT, with Silvana Constantini and Jon G. Hall

Addressing legacy problems in eGovernement, with Assia Alexandrova and Ivan Horrocks

Evaluating new pedagogical models in software engineering post-graduate education at a distance, with Jon G. Hall, Steven Self, Mark Slaymaker

Introducing software development and software enginering methods in the secondary school Computing curriculum, with Gareth Lewis and Jon G. Hall

Introducing agile software engineering practices in scientific software SMEs, with Chris Jones

Counteracting IT silo culture in public organisations, with Terence Muwangi and Jon G. Hall

Integrated safety critical software engineering, with Derek Mannering and Jon G. Hall

Systematic transformations from requirements to specifications, with Zhi Li and Jon G. Hall

Problem Frames semantics, with Jon G. Hall and Michael Jackson

Green-IT Governance for NFPs, with Andrew Hutton and Jon G. Hall

Enterprise architectures, with Michael Clarke and Jon G. Hall

Process improement through design rationale capture in organisations, with Ann Nkwocha and Jon G. Hall

MPhil/PhD projects and studentships

We are always looking for outstanding applicants interested in joining our reserach group, whether as part-time or full-time research students.

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