PME 30 Research Forum (Prague 2006)  

       Exemplification: the use of examples in teaching and learning mathematics

                  Co-ordinators: Liz Bills, John Mason, Anne Watson, Orit Zaslavsky
                     Additional Contributors: Paul Goldenberg, Tim Rowland, Rina Zazkis

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Oxford Mini-Conference on Exemplification June 2005

A small group (see below for participants) gathered for three days in June 2005 in Oxford to try to outline some of the issues conerning exemplification.  

Notes prepared in advance for each of the 7 sessions are listed below.

No proceedings were published.  Contact individuals for further information.

Participants (alphabetically by frist name):

Anne Watson (Oxford UK)    
Chris Sangwin (Birmingham UK)  
Emily Macmillan (Oxford UK)
Iris Zodik (Technion Israel)  
John Mason (Open UK)
Lara Alcock (Essex UK)
Liz Bills (East Anglia UK)
Milan Hejny (Charles, Czech Republic)  
Orit Zazlavsky (Technion Israel)
Orna Lavie (Technion Israel)
Paul Goldenberg (EDC, USA)  
Rina Zazkis (Simon Fraser Canada)
Thabit Al-Murani (Oxford UK)  
Tommy Dreyfus (Tel Aviv Israel)  
Uri Leron (Technion Israel)