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Accreditation for new framework qualifications

Following the changes to university funding introduced in September 2012, the University has had to replace all of its existing qualifications with new ones. Since much of the content of the new qualifications is shared with our previous ones, we have been able to extend the accreditations from our professional bodies.

Four institutions have accredited our new engineering qualifications. Click on the links below for further information:

Until recently the Open University qualifications were classified as part-time which meant that under the Engineering Council rules the qualifications needed to be completed within an 8 year timeframe. However they have now been reclassified as distance learning which allows each Engineering Institution to set their own time limits for specific qualifications.

We have detailed the time limits of each institution on the pages in the links above and you can also check on the Engineering Council’s website: accredited course search page. Students taking longer than the time specified by the institutions will therefore not hold an accredited qualification. However, even if you fall outside of the above time limits you can still use the individual case procedure route for applying for professional status with the institutions.

The University's Engineering qualifications have been recognised by the following institutions, although not accredited. Click below for further information:

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