PhD Research Students


·       Keerthi Thomas (2008 - ), working on Privacy Rights Management.


·       Mihhail Aizatulin (2008 - ), working on verification of security protocols.


·       Stefan Taubenberger (part-time, 2007 - ), working on risk management and security requirements.


·       Tamara Lopez (2010 - ), working on the role and nature of failure in software engineering.


·       Saad Bin Saleem (2010 - ), working on managing security through release planning.


·       Lianping Chen (2008 - ), working on characterising architecturally significant requirements.





·       Siv Sivzattian (Imperial College, 2003)

o   “Requirements as economic artefacts: a value-based approach”


·       Andrew Phillips  (Imperial College, 2006)

o   Specifying and Implementing Secure Mobile Applications in the Channel Ambient System”


·       Francis Chantree (The Open University, 2006)

o   “Identifying Nocuous Ambiguity in Natural Language Requirements


·       Charles Haley (The Open University, 2007)

o   Arguing Security: A Framework for Analyzing Security Requirements”


·       Robert Crook (The Open University, 2007)    

o   “A Framework for Defining and Analysing Access Policies in Requirements Models”


·       Debra Haley (The Open University, 2008)

o   Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Computer Assisted Assessment in the Computer Science Domain: A Framework, a Tool, and an Evaluation”


·       Mohammed Salifu (The Open University, 2008)       

o   “Analysing the requirements for monitoring and switching: a problem-oriented approach”


·       Angela Lozano-Rodrigues (The Open University, 2009)

o   “Assessing the effect of source code characteristics on changeability”


·       Armstrong Nhlabatsi (The Open University, 2009)

o   “Initialisation Problems in Feature Composition”


·       Karim Anthony Adam (The Open University, 2009)

o   “Balancing privacy needs with location sharing in mobile computing”


·       Lukasz Jedrzejczyk (The Open University, 2011)                 

o   “Supporting privacy management in ubiquitous computing through feedback and control”


·       Ayman Mahfouz (The Open University, 2012)

o   “Requirements-Driven Adaptation of Choreographed Interactions”


·       Francois Dupressoir (The Open University, 2013)

o   “Proving C Programs Secure with General-Purpose Verification Tools”