BCS Socio-technical Group – May News Roundup


Hello colleagues. Thanks to the seven members who posted items for the news roundup.



Anthony Meehan,

The Open University



Upcoming Conferences and Workshops


Patient Empowerment - The Power of Information.


The 5th International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics (ICMCC) Event will be organised from 9-11 June, 2008, at University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus, London, UK. The event will be hosted by the Westminster Business School. This is the Leading International Event on Patient-Related ICT in Medicine and Care. The event will focus on information related aspects of patient-related ICT, patient record access, electronic health records and ‘behavioural compunetics’. A high quality paper presentation programme representing some of the leading researchers in the field will be offered as well as an outstanding forum of key-note speakers. There is more information, including how to register, at: http://2008.icmcc.org/


European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2008


The 16th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) is the largest and most prestigious Information Systems (IS) Conference in Europe. This year it will be hosted by The Business Information Systems group at the J.E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy at National University of Ireland, Galway, 9-11 June, 2008. Registration details and the Conference Programme are available at http://www.ecis2008.ie/.


European Conference on e-Government (ECEG) 2008


The 8th European Conference on e-Government will be hosted by The Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne, Switzerland, 10-11 July 2008. Details at http://www.academic-conferences.org/eceg/eceg2008/eceg08-home.htm.


[ECEG is closely associated with the Electronic Journal of Electronic Government (EJEG), one of a number of freely available electronic journals in the sphere of information systems (see http://www.academic-conferences.org/ejournals.htm). Some of these may be of interest to our readers.]


eGovernment Workshop 2008 (eGOV08)


People interested in the above speciall issue may also be interested in The Fourth eGovernment Workshop 2008 (eGOV08) September 8, Brunel University (see http://www.iseing.org/egov/egov08/main.htm).

E-Government Foundations and Methods at HICSS 2009


A Minitrack on E-Government Foundations and Methods will be held at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2009, January 5-8. The workshop invites a reflective and critical perspective, arging that “[d]espite certain rhetoric on the changes envisioned, it is as yet unclear to what extent this kind of initiative can help provide solutions to the problems of public organizations, citizens, enterprises, or other interested parties. In such a complex and multifaceted scenario, it is essential that research verifies and critically scrutinizes everything that the current discourse tends to consider an undisputable truth. If this does not happen, the risk is that our view of the reality becomes misleading, leading to interpretive errors and even actual illusions.”

(See http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_42/minitracks/eg-efm.htm.)


Journal Notices


Special Issue EJIS on Transformational Government (t-Gov)


The European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) (http://www.palgrave-journals.com/ejis/) have issued a call for papers to a special issue on ‘Transformational Government’ (t-gov).


The main objective of the special issue is to discuss past, present and future challenges associated with t-Gov. Reflective analysis of successful or failed exploitations are sought from across the world, where key learning issues can be extrapolated for others to use as a frame of reference. Studies offering a wider project focus from a human, organizational or technical perspective are particularly encouraged. In particular, methodological approaches that adopt exploratory, theory building or testing through case analysis or surveys are welcome.


More information on this and other special issues is at: http://www.palgrave-journals.com/ejis/.






Wednesday 21st May 18:15pm BCS, 1st floor, 5 Southampton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2


Expert presenters include:


CLIVE IZARD Head of Creative Services, British Library

CAREN MILLOY E-books Project Manager, JISC Collections

JACK SCHOFIELD Computer Editor of The Guardian

ROLFE SWINTON Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of CPI Publishing Solutions


See http://www.nlondon.bcs.org/.


How are new media platforms and practices changing journalism?


You can view a seminar on this topic at (http://webcast.oii.ox.ac.uk/?view).


Charlie Beckett is the director of POLIS, a joint initiative of the LSE and the London College of Communication aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world. POLIS is the place where journalists and the wider world can examine and discuss the media and its impact on society.


Charlie Beckett spent 20 years working around the world for news organisations such as the BBC and Channel 4 News before founding the LSE's media think-tank POLIS in 2006. He argues that Networked Journalism, combining 'professional' journalism with public participation (blogging, wikis, crowd-sourcing, user generated content and the rest), can sustain the media business and offer huge social benefits.


The OII page features a number of webcast seminars (http://webcast.oii.ox.ac.uk/?view).


Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2008


Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2008 Inside Out: What do current Web trends tell us about the future of ICT provision for learners and researchers? Presentations available, Vodcasts to come http://www.eduserv.org.uk/foundation/symposium/2008



Readers Recommend Reading


This month, members of the list have suggested:


Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in NGO Mobile Use  http://mobileactive.org/wireless-technology-social-change-trends-ngo-mobile-use


ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century by Susan Greenfield. Susan Greenfield is a leading neuroscientist. She is known for her research into the brain including the effects of Information Technology on the brain cells of the young and the old.


Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2008


Slides and other records  of the Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2008 Inside Out: What do current Web trends tell us about the future of ICT provision for learners and researchers? Are available http://www.eduserv.org.uk/foundation/symposium/2008.