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This web site provides live web links to support the Open University book “Success with Mathematics” published by Routledge and available through bookshops and

Success With Mathematics

“Success with Mathematics” provides guidance for students who plan to study or are already studying a mathematics course at university entry level. It addresses the problems that students have with the transition from school mathematics to the rigorous and abstract nature of mathematics at university.

Background to Mathematics

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics describes itself as being “the web’s most extensive mathematics resource”.

Alexander Bogomolny’s Cut–the–knot site contains a Glossary of Mathematical Terms with hundreds of topics from Abacus in Various Number Systems to Zipf’s Law.

A Dictionary of Units has Frank Tapson’s summary of most of the units of measurement used in the world today including the SI system.

Mathematics Reading List

University Sites for Mathematics Learning and Study

UK Mathematics Departments, Centres and Institutes is a comprehensive list of the web page addresses of the UK university mathematics departments produced by the Department of Mathematics, Heriot–Watt University. Particularly good sites include:

Success in Mathematics
This site at Saint Louis University, Missouri, has tips on how to study mathematics, how to approach problem–solving, how to study for and take tests, and when and how to get help.

Mathematics Support Materials (Plymouth University)
MathinSite (Java Applets and associated tutorial worksheets developed by Professor Peter Edwards of the University of Bournemouth as part of his National Teaching Fellowship project)

History of Mathematics

University of St. Andrews, MacTutor History of Mathematics

Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics

Information and Communication Technology

Internet Mathematician is a free “teach yourself” tutorial on Internet information skills for mathematicians from the Intute: Virtual Training Suite.

Other Sites

Oundle SchoolOundle School has been compiled comprehensive list of creators of software and links to UK suppliers and some of the best mathematics education sites worldwide can also be found.

IntuteIntute Mathematics Gateway at for all kinds of maths links UK and international

Graph Paper Printer
by Philippe Marquis (Shareware version) for puzzles

Online Scientific Calculator