If you are an M359 student, you can use the tool to: :

   draw your answers to some of the questions in the TMAs
   revising ERDs before the exam.

If you want to use the tool, please will you send us an email to Diagrams saying that you will be using the tool, and then download the software from our Download page.

If you use the tool to draw your assignment diagrams, please do so as follows (it will help you submit your drawing to the eTMA system).

Copy and paste your diagram from the tool into the word processed document that you will submit to the eTMA system. You do this by:

  1. from the Edit menu, choose ‘Select All’;
  2. choose the ‘Copy Diagram’ facility under the tool’s ‘Edit’ menu to copy the diagram to the system clipboard;
  3. paste the diagram into your eTMA document.



If you wish to use the tool for either drawing diagrams or revision purposes, you will need a PC running Windows and with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it. The latest version of the JRE can be downloaded from:

When you have tried the tool, we would appreciate your feedback. Please will you fill in this questionnaire.


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