For Windows PCs

Download Exerciser

This will download a zip file containing an installer. Extract the installer from the zip file. Double click on the installer: it will ask you to save the software and documentation to a folder of your own choice. Choose an appropriate folder otherwise, by default, the installer will save the software in a folder named Exerciser Revison Tool in your Program Files folder. Make a note of where your chosen folder is located so that you can find it again.

The download also contains a document that describes how to use the Exerciser named: How to use the Exerciser.

For Macintosh and Linux Machines

Download Exerciser

This will download a zip file containing a Java .jar file, a folder of questions and documentation. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder of your own choice. In this folder you will find a folder named Exerciser355 containing the application, questions and documentation.

Note that the application has been tested with Sunís JRE and it would be best to use this JRE in preference to others.

Launching the Exerciser


Open the folder where you saved the software and documentation.


Double-click on the file named

You should then see the tool's window in drawing configuration:


Note: this is a prototype and is still under development. We would be pleased to hear about errors and would welcome suggestions for improvement.

Please contact: Diagrams

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