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Discusses the way in which labels are compared in diagrams.

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Discusses the overall approach to marking diagrams.

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Discusses the generalisations required to deal with classes of diagrams.

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Discusses: SD-Exerciser Revision Tool

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Discusses: Sequence diagrams, syntax errors, SD-Exerciser

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Discusses: The tools: SimpleDraw, Exerciser Revision Tool, Tutor Tool

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Discusses: Diagram interpretation framework; automatic marking; validation experiments; feedback using overlays

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Discusses: Framework, marking method, synonyms, marking schemes, evaluation of marker, Revision Tool, Tutor Tool, Redrawing Tool

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Discusses: MMUs; Tutor Tool; experiments in automatic marking; revision tool; user evaluation of revision tool

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Discusses: Framework; automatic grading; patterns; matching patterns; cliches

An approach to the Automatic Grading of Imprecise Diagrams (Technical Report)

A Revision Tool for Learning Data Modelling with Diagrams (Technical Report)

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Discusses: Imprecise diagrams; pipeline; initial experiments; feedback; revision tool

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Discusses: Framework; pipeline; mock exam data

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Discusses: What is a diagram; correspondence between text and diagrams; automated assessment; pipeline; why ERDs

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Discusses: Drawing tool; pipeline; online exam

Grading Diagrams Automatically (Technical Report)

Comparing machine graded diagrams with human markers (Technical Report)

Thomas, P.G.  Evaluation of Electronic Marking of Examinations, In Proceedings of the 8th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2003), Thesaloniki, Greece, 50-54.

Discusses: Marking textual answers; problems with marking exam scripts; AND-OR diagrams for representing solutions; evaluation

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