The  D E A P  Project

D E A P is a research project investigating the automatic interpretation of diagrams (diagram understanding) applied to electronic assessment. We are exploring the automatic marking of, and the provision of feedback on, diagrams produced in answer to assessment and examination questions. Our aim is to devise and implement algorithms for marking diagrams that can be incorporated into formative and summative e-learning tools.

Two such tools are the ERD-Exerciser, a revision tool for learning entity-relationship diagramming and the SD-Exerciser, a revision tool for learning UML sequence diagrams. The former tool is being developed as a project within the COLMSCT CETL at the Open University.

More recent work has concentrated on generalising the diagram drawing tool and marking algorithm to multiple domains and implementing them within an online assessment system (OpenMark/Moodle).

The work of the research group is related to research in the wider fields of diagram interpretation and natural language processing (NLP).

DEAP extends the work of an earlier project, EAP, that examined the automatic marking of textual answers to formal examination questions.

This site contains:

  • a demonstration of the Exerciser Revision Tool for ERDs
  • a downloadable version of the Exerciser Revision Tool for ERDs
  • a downloadable prototype of the Revision Tool for Sequence Diagrams
  • publications related to our work on the automatic marking of diagrams
  • information about an evaluation experiment in conjunction with our Software Engineering course M363.

Site last updated: 7th April 2010


The Entity-Relationship Revision Tool

SD Picture3

The Sequence Diagram Revision Tool


ERD Exerciser Demonstration

Online Assessment Demonstration

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